Curiosa-The immortals within: Review on assemblage artist Kunal Naik

Curiosa-The immortals within: Review on assemblage artist Kunal Naik

An exceptional assemblage artist from Mumbai Kunal Naik, who finds treasures in everything around him. In his own words, “It’s like solving a puzzle with fragments without giving in. And the end result has to be bloody creative, at least to me at first. Then comes imagination, idea, aesthetics and design. Understanding their original form and individual nature and yet give them a fresh identity”

The Metaphorical connection between the works and their titles is the functional thread throughout the show starting from the exhibition title ‘Curiosa’ which generates inquisitiveness in the minds and thus the use of heads. Kunal uses his own portrait as the blatant substance in his art.

The three composite wooden sculptures displayed as centerpieces in the exhibit are curiously crafted as smooth heads. As per Kunal, they are the ciphers left behind by his grandfather for the future audience especially with his anatomies of some strange musical connections to them. There is an underlying mystique surrounding these sculptures.

Kunal’s enduring choice of materials like brass, copper, wood and other found objects signify the contrasting textures in his art pieces. His composition form 3d collages, which are a part of his underlying narrative of inherent and cohesive curiosity.  As he believes that “human beings we are made up of things that we make. And their journey need not end with us. Things remain. We move on. Embedded in memory, or swimming in our thoughts, we all replay the narrative of our lives”

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