Ananta: Review on the body of works by Ananti Vala

Ananta: Review on the body of works by Ananti Vala

Ananti Vala’s latest exhibition at the Jehangir art gallery, Mumbai, uses evident morphology flowing towards visual creative fiction with dense layers of storytelling.

Aptly titled Ananta-The boundless, Ananti addresses the sense of diverse emotions with a judicious blend of sensitivity and intuition. Her sculptures are dramatic but there is an underlying subtle tone. According to Ananti, it is exiting to work with ceramics for the exhilarating suspense it offers as the final product.

Her sculpture ‘skull’ appears as fossilized human skull at the outset but there is an underlying message which reads ‘we all look, feel and behave different from outside, inside we are the same’. Ananti plays with distinctive organic textures to convey her imagination.

Do visit for her upcoming exhibition at the Taj Art gallery, Mumbai from 7th to 10th March, 2019.

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