The Victory Cornicles – Tales of the positive triumphal woman’

My series ‘The Victory Cornicles’ celebrates ‘the positive triumphal woman’ who has accepted herself, all her wounds, scars, bad days, good days, the failures, the triumphs, and come out shining like a star.

The Natural Resurrection

2020 is undeniably going to go down as one of the most eventful and an extraordinary year in history. The pandemonium of COVID-19 caught us off-guard and changed the way of life tagging it as new normal. This new normal indeed brought vivacity to long-overlooked “Mother Nature”. Conceptualized keeping the intriguing observations of natures evolvement through the pandemic, this collection embodies the healing process of the environment and its consequent resurrection.


The Five Elements Of Nature

This body of works explores the theme of Advaita, wherein the oneness within each one of us is the fundamental quality of everything around us. The artist uses five different elements of nature that constitute the universe as mediums to experience the world around her. These elements are Prithvi (Earth), Jal (Water), Agni (Fire), Vaayu (Air) and Akasha (Space). The use of five distinct colors in the exhibition depicts these five elements. The artist also uses specific lines and textures to differentiate one element from another and the use of shlokas (prayers) for each of these elements demonstrates the spiritual link that integrates these elements, affirming the oneness of the individual soul, God, and theUniverse.

Stories of the Sea

This collection is inspired by the vast seas, which intends to portray the unique way in water seems to capture and reflect all its surrounding colours. The paintings in this series accentuate on the sunlight playing on the surface of the sea.


Her collection of cityscapes depicting ethereal skies at dawn and dusk explores the skylines of Mumbai. She plays with textural experience of urban life, documenting cities from a distance as well as the close observation of minor details. Gunjan’s cityscape paintings reveal the patterns present in our everyday terrain forming colourful urban landscapes. Whilst concentrating on light and shade and the transition of contrasting seasons especially the prominent monsoon of Mumbai.

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