Born and raised in Allahabad, Gunjan Shrivastva is a contemporary visual artist currently based in Mumbai. Imbued with passion for the slow and conscious art Gunjan’s work interweaves the age old technique of cyanotype with the meditative moments of slow stitching. Bringing an inimitable and a fresh response to our fast paced digital world, her signature works embraces mediums that evoke visual curiosity inducing the viewer to see art individual perspective.

Her engagement with issues relating to sustainability drives her to explore cyanotypes, documenting decaying leaves in their natural form while attempting to restore the belief in redemptive restoration and emboldening better environmental practice to reclaim what is degraded, damaged and destroyed. Gunjan explains “Experimentation is a major part of my work as I enjoy working intuitively, giving myself the independence to change my subjects and my mediums from time to time. Trained in a traditional format, I started out with conventional methods and mediums of painting but years down in this journey as an artist, I found the pleasure in conceptualizing new stories through my cyanotype processes with other diverse mixed media techniques. My mediums do not go by the books or any set rules, I like to play around and investigate new media according to my requirements.” Gunjan has been honoured for her works in cyanotype from the Governor of West Bengal, Hon’ Shri Keshari Nath Tripathi.

At the center of her Gunjan’s practice is her connection with her cyanotypes, seen in her series ‘The Natural Resurrection’, which she says is a ‘call for action.’ Gunjan explains, “by restoring degraded ecosystems and engaging in co-evolutionary processes, humankind can coexist, and even thrive by developing nature’s wealth. As an artist, years of my consciousness towards sustainability inspires me to explore cyanotypes which is a beautiful process of natural phenomenon. It is a meditative experience to see the sun as the source of energy, which magically translates my subjects into profoundly soulful works of art.”

Gunjan holds a Ph.D. in Visual Arts and also a diploma in textile design. She is the co-founder of ‘You Lead India Foundation’ which she started with an endeavour of nurturing young talent in India. Gunjan has been proactively engaged in guiding and mentoring young upcoming artists to help them enhance their leadership skills.

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