Minds Engraved: A group exhibition by five young artists

Minds Engraved: A group exhibition by five young artists

A diverse range of prints by a group of five female artists is currently on show at the Jehangir Art gallery, in Mumbai. The exhibition has been named ‘Minds Engraved’, aptly, as the work reflects varied prints, ideas and creative ingenuity, realized through diverse methods of printmaking.

Walking in to the show, I had the chance to chat individually with the artists which revealed that they have been classmates years back and got back together to relive their passion for printmaking. Originally from the city of Kolhapur, currently all artists are settled in their own careers in varied locations.

The young group of women artists

Madhuri A. Kothavale

Taking inspiration from the nature around her, Madhuri’s works are focused on the creepers, a subject which she has explored in different techniques of printmaking such as Forex cut, Etching, woodcut and Serigraphy on paper. Her detailing and precise lines are seen within layers of colours.

Neha A. Kulkarni

Neha is settled in New Jersey, USA and continues to learn new techniques prevalent in different parts of the world. Her works are experimental and creative. It never ceases to amaze the range of techniques and materials artists employ to create original work. Neha is no exception and is constantly pushing the boundaries of what is possible. For the creation of her ‘Waves’ series, she has used paper collages with Monoprints and embellished it with Spirograph.

Nisha A. Shirke

Nisha is currently working as an interior designer and her theme revolves around design and still life. She plays around with lot of textures created by the ‘Aquatint’ technique used for etching on copper plates. Nisha has portrayed scenes of a living room with layers of objects and furniture in her works. Her objects are specific geometric forms creating angular movement in her prints.

Jahnawi S. Kajrekar

Shweta Y. Gaikwad

Shweta’s works explores the design and folds of origami designs. Her works are simplified and structured in bold colours focusing on the form of origami planes, birds and boats. Shweta weaves her stories around her unpretentious forms with utmost simple and uncomplicated lines.

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