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This exhibition explores the theme of Advaita, wherein the oneness within each one of us is the fundamental quality of everything around us. This exhibition is the artist’s search for oneness between her own individual soul and the greater metaphysical reality of the universe. The artist makes use of colors, textures, patterns and shlokas to convey her exploration. The artworks in the exhibition tend towards abstract as opposed to literal artworks to make it an individual experience for each viewer.

The artist uses five different elements that constitute the universe as mediums to experience the world around her. These elements are Prithvi (Earth), Jal (Water), Agni (Fire), Vaayu (Air) and Akasha (Space). The use of five distinct colors in the exhibition depicts these five elements. The artist also uses specific lines and textures to differentiate one element from another. Lastly, the use of shlokas (prayers) for each of these elements demonstrates the spiritual link that integrates these elements, affirming the oneness of the individual soul, God, and the Universe.

These elements construct the experience of every soul by providing a medium to understand the Universe. Similarly, this exhibition displays these elements to constitute the greater
universe. Hence, the piece de résistance is an amalgamation of these individual element and portrays the oneness that exists between the soul, God and the universe.

The use of abstract artworks is consistent with the philosophy of Advaita. The elements are not associated with forms, but instead depicted as mediums. Hence, the artist aims to use the fluidity of interpretation that is associated with abstract paintings. Her goal is to let each viewer interpret how the elements, as mediums, dictate one’s experience in the universe.

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