The Victory Cornicles – Tales of the positive triumphal woman’

Deeply embedded on our mind, body and soul; every scar traces back to a story as they are a reminder of our victories, the battles that you have fought within and outside of you. It brings you back to the emergence of a new avatar of you. Avatar of a warrior that only cares for resilience. Your scars try hard to limit you but your everlasting grace of accepting life as it comes makes you fearless and limitless. You have learned to embrace your scars as they are engraved in you so deep that you only accept it every single day. This is your tale of victories that you fought with all your power, the power that is ingrained naturally that displays grit, commitment, and passion. With that said, the most disruptive events in your life have also become a memory that you cherish and draw inspiration for yourself and others.

Your scars are relics of your experiences and define your journeys. They form visual fragments of the adversity overcome and pain suffered, they are a witness to our endurance, narrating stories of babies born and tumours removed, even the stretch marks that have their own trail. They are marks of triumphs projecting our strength and resilience, of our bodies changing and growing. Your scars hint at the heroes inside us.

My series ‘The Victory Cornicles’ celebrates ‘the positive triumphal woman’ who has accepted herself, all her wounds, scars, bad days, good days, the failures, the triumphs, and come out shining like a star.

Personally, being an enthusiast of slow art, which focuses more on the experience than the outcome, my practice of cyanotype and slow stitching connects to the idea of simplicity, sustainability, and reflection. In this digital age when the world is becoming impatient and falling in for quick techniques, cyanotype for me is experiential and meditative.

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