Framed stories: Review on photography exhibition by Shreyas Dhongade

Framed stories: Review on photography exhibition by Shreyas Dhongade

Shreyas Dhongade’s body of works titled ‘Photon’ exhibiting now at Jehangir Art gallery is storytelling at a conceptual level.  His series titled ‘Save the memory makers’ is a collection of photographic works dedicated to the gradually vanishing printing industry. The photos in this collection are treated with scratches, cracks, folds to create a worn off appearance representing memories of printed photos; which has now taken over by the digitalization. Printing photos have now become rare.

Another interesting series in the exhibit named ‘Trivia’ is his take on our dependence on the social media. This vibrant assemblage of images of people with their back to the camera epitomizes their anonymous presence on the social media which is sometimes exploited.

Shreyas Dhogade with his ‘Trivia’

Shreyas exploration in his photography landed him to a much concerning issue of the conservation of our monumental sites. His installation which takes the center stage is an aesthetic album of some very ugly photos of graffiti made by the tourists, which makes us wonder ‘Who will educate the trained’. Shreyas’s concern is a valid enquiry which comes naturally to him; being an archeologist himself.

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