Dr. Gunjan Shrivastava presents her new collection, The Victory Chronicles – Tales of the positive triumphal woman ahead of International Women’s Day

Dr. Gunjan Shrivastava presents her new collection, The Victory Chronicles – Tales of the positive triumphal woman ahead of International Women’s Day

Celebrating the positive triumphal woman, Dr. Gunjan Shrivastava, a leading contemporary artist in India, today announced the launch of her latest collection ahead of International Women’s Day- The Victory Chronicles- Tales of the positive triumphal’. This series is a collection of artworks that have been exclusively curated and captures the spirit of the woman who has accepted herself, all her wounds, scars, bad days, good days, failures, triumphs and come out shining like a star. As a woman herself, Dr. Gunjan Shrivastava believes that her scars are a mark of new birth within herself, and a milestone in her journey of life. To celebrate Women’s Day and the story of every scar, Dr. Gunjan’s collection showcases every progressive emotion of a woman that goes through, along with the celebration and power of embracing scars. Deeply embedded in one’s mind, body, and soul, every scar traces back to a story, as a reminder of the battles fought within and outside one’s self, and the victories won. As women who have embraced these scars, they have become so engraved in them, and are their tales of victories that were fought with power, grit, commitment, and passion.

Dr. Gunjan is a staunch believer that one’s scars are relics of their experiences and define their journeys. They form visual fragments of the adversity overcome and pain suffered, they are a witness to their endurance, narrating stories of babies born and tumours removed, even the stretch marks that have their own trail. Each artwork from the collection is created to celebrate the power of being a woman and showcase their acceptance of the scars that make their story complete.

While announcing the exhibition, Dr. Gunjan Shrivastava, A Professional Artist, Educator, Art Critic and Co-founder of You Lead India Foundation said, “International Women’s Day is a time to celebrate women and what makes them special, including their scars. Every woman has scars, some visible, some invisible. It is how we accept these as a part of our journeys that defines who we are. Hence, there was no better occasion than International Women’s Day to spread this message. As women, we need to come together to support, and lift our fellow sisters, and create awareness that having a scar is not the end of the journey, but a bend in the road, or the start of something new. My new collection marries these ideas, with my passion for slow art. My works focus more on the experience than the outcome. My practice of cyanotype and slow stitching connects to the idea of simplicity, sustainability, and reflection.”

The Victory Chronicles is a reminder to all women to accept and celebrate their scars as marks of triumph that define their strength and resilience. Through the collection, Dr. Gunjan summons women to accept their changing bodies and the scars that hint at the heroes within themselves.

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