Master strokes: Prof. Anil Naik

Master strokes: Prof. Anil Naik

Walking into Prof. Anil Naik’s recent collection on exhibit in Jehangir Art Gallery, one is prompted how a moment of stillness can be channeled in between repetition and rhythm.

His choice of colour palette is open and receptive with vivid shades and hues complimenting his works and emerging as a visual treat for the viewer. He adapts contrasting elements to create tension: warm colors vs. cool, texture vs. smooth and high energy strokes supported by calm, muted colors.

The process he uses of layering and scraping in his paintings translates easily to addition and subtraction which he explains as the theory of attach and detach. According to Prof. Naik, during his length of teaching career he has not held on to one medium or style. He has pushed himself back when he was getting comfortable with a certain medium giving him space to experiment beyond his comfort. Challenging himself with new approaches by trying new techniques with an open mind and limited planning beyond the choice of medium and palette, he has been reinventing himself.

Underneath the layers, there is a deliberate narrative which conspires the viewer to dig deeper for a meaning. Finding a window that goes deeper, opens the work to a variety of interpretations. Though, they tend to be loose and free, inevitably leading to abstract thinking as desired by the artist.

When asked about his signature stroke: Is this the Anil Naik stroke?

He unpretentiously responded that even he will not be able to replicate another version of the same stroke.

You can read more about the master here.

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