Dr. Gunjan Shrivastava: Advaita

Dr. Gunjan Shrivastava: Advaita

Artist Gunjan showcases her solo art exhibition ‘Advaita’ at Jehangir Art Gallery, Mumbai from January 21-January 27, 2019. The exhibition presents a collection of works accentuating the philosophy of oneness of an individual soul, God & the universe through her paintings.

Gunjan, a contemporary artist of repute, has been drawing her inspirations from nature for the last 18 years varying from detailed urbanscapes to serene seascapes, to her distinct abstract works. This collection showcases some of her unique and absorbing pieces of art exposing an individual to feelings of vibrancy, happiness, and serenity. In her paintings, she widely uses the colors, textures, patterns, and shlokas(prayers) to convey her exploration. The artworks in the exhibition tends towards abstract as opposed to literal artworks to make it an individual experience for each viewer.

On this occasion, artist Gunjan Shrivastava said, “The inspiration behind this collection is the five elements of nature. I have majorly used these elements that constitute the universe Prithvi (Earth), Jal (Water), Agni (Fire), Vaayu (Air) and Akasha (Space). I have used Shlokas to spiritually link it with these elements, affirming the oneness of the individual soul, God, and the universe.”

The use of abstract artwork by the artist is consistent with the philosophy of Advaita. The elements do not associate with form but instead depicts as mediums. Hence, the artist aims to use the fluidity of interpretation that is associated with abstract paintings. Her goal is to let each viewer interpret how the elements as mediums, dictates one’s experience in the universe.

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