Celebrating the Doyenne: Dr. Gunjan Shrivastava

Celebrating the Doyenne: Dr. Gunjan Shrivastava

“For most of history, Anonymous was a woman.” ~ Virginia Woolf. On this International Women’s Day, GlobalSpa recognizes and celebrates the women in the industry as we delve into their success mantra they follow, mistakes that have helped them grow, and of course, their WELLNESS philosophy.

Dr. Gunjan Shrivastava is a Professional Artist, Educator, Art Critic and Co-founder of You Lead India Foundation.

What is your wellness philosophy?

Wellness for me is positivity. It is the core of who I am. There is a saying, “you are what you think” which stands true not only for me but for every living being. Having a positive outlook towards everything in life is extremely important to me. Over the years, it has helped me to think differently and stand out in what I do. Being an artist, creativity is the other aspect of wellness that I embrace. To be able to create something meaningful every single day gives me peace and brings satisfaction. Whether it is a concept for my artwork or artwork itself, my life is incomplete without letting my creativity flow.

Your success mantra?

My success mantra since the early age of my life has been learning. Before I end my day, I consciously revisit my actions, thoughts, and observations. This helps me evolve and become a better version of me. As an artist, learning is a huge part of my work. Research, learning about new mediums, and understanding trends is crucial to curate artworks that are not only refreshing but are also, meaningful. All my works are inspired by nature and nature teaches learning in its own unique way. It is ever-evolving which is a great example of reinvention and learning.

A lesson you learned from making a mistake?

I do not believe in right or wrong hence do not consider anything as a mistake. It is a process of life and I completely surrender to it where every unexpected turn redefines our lives and adds little wisdom. Our lives run on choices that we make. Some exactly turn out to be how we process them and some do not. I strongly practise in embracing all the choices I make every day and lessons I end up learning. So, to answer your question, the lesson that I keep revisiting is being in control of yourself and choosing what makes you happy. And these two lessons must always be on high priority no matter where you are in your life.

Any piece of advice for all the women out there?

Today, women are extremely powerful and vocal. They are highly motivated and know what they want and how to get it. However, there are a few things we as women need to do. First being, do not give up on your bigger challenges as they are the deciding points of your success. The second piece of advice would be to make sure you live your passion no matter what.

What has been your biggest pride as a doyenne?

As an artist, being able to communicate while sending a meaningful and positive message through my artworks are my biggest pride. Additionally, I have been fortunate to have created ‘You Lead Foundation’ where we support and nurture the budding artists in India. My pride lies in contributing to society in every possible way that I can . Having a progressive outlook and passing on the same through my artwork gives me immense pride.

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