5 insightful tips for budding contemporary artists in India

5 insightful tips for budding contemporary artists in India

India’s contemporary art scene has been invigorating for the past few years, with many new artists making an impression through their works. Art has moved beyond the traditional canvas and paper, the new artists are experimenting with different techniques and exploring new media which is driving the new trends in the industry. India has been attracting new foreign collectors and museums recently which offer an opportunity for the budding contemporary artists to explore the world of art to its fullest. With that said, one has to face the challenges of navigating in an industry that is full of exceptional artists and artworks. More than the challenges, it is the possibilities that can overwhelm an artist. To address the initial apprehensions and set a foot, one needs to invest time, hard work, patience, strategy to be discovered and sustain in the art space. Currently, as an artist, one has to consistently thrive on ideas that are stimulating and are unexplored from a viewer’s perspective. An art that offers a fresh outlook is always enticing. However, an art that offers a similar idea in a completely newer representation can also blow the mind of an art admirer. That’s the freedom this industry offers to an artist which if nurtured can lead to a passionate career. Let’s look at few insightful tips to leverage the space of art for having a filling career as a contemporary artist.

Be open to experiment

The way art has no restriction, medium has no limitation. Understanding different materials and mediums and more importantly what you relate to, how they might contribute to your art, helps you make effective choices in art. Let your creativity flow with an open-mind while experimenting and exploring the mediums that you want to set your eyes on. Trial and error are key to play around with materials to discover what you enjoy working with and generate effects that your artistic mind desires to create. The outcomes of such experimentation, whether it results in failure or success, add value to your art-making process.

Choice of materials and technique strategies will influence the style of your work; therefore, experimentation is an important tool towards self-discovery and expansion of your skills.

Do not shy away from showcasing your art<

As an emerging artist, it can be extremely daunting to enter a world of art that is full of exceptional works. Remember, every artist is incomparable and that is what makes their work speak for themselves. Go ahead and flaunt your work and own space for yourself in this world of vast possibilities. Your belief in your artwork translates in your works so do not shy away from criticism. It is fine to admit to yourself that you are not perfect. Feedback helps you to become a better version of yourself.

Once you have absorbed this, there is no looking back. Art is always right; in whatever form it is being presented. Though feedback is vital, it is not the final verdict, rather there cannot be any verdict. It is your work that is unique to you as an artist.

Make art in series

Some artists are not too thrilled about the idea of creating a series as they stay away from the idea of repetition. But working on a series is not about repetition at all, but rather it focuses on being able to explore, investigate, or examine individual ideas, themes, issues, or topics in deeper and more profound ways, tapping it from a variety of perspectives.

Viewing artworks in series is an extraordinary experience that as an artist you can offer to your audience. Series is a great way to get an audience to become familiarized with your art style or art and connect with you. It also binds your narrative and helps to translate it to your viewers. Today, Series is the buzzword and we have witnessed how artists use it as an opportunity to hook up with their viewers.

Create your own space

Art empowers you with endless possibilities to use it to your advantage. There is no definition of how it should be explored or curated. There is always a space that can be created that is unique to you. Artists with the power of their creative minds can create experiences that have been never witnessed. And if you can curate an artwork that blows the mind of your audience then you have made your mark. With that said, there is no pressure, create what you like and the way you have perceived it.

As a budding artist and being part of the digital world, you have the advantage to showcase your works on various social platforms like YouTube, Facebook, Pinterest, and Instagram. Social platforms instantly help you project your works to the world without having to go the traditional route. Additionally, having your website is like having your solo exhibition 365 days. There are several social media tactics to attract traffic to your website which displays all your artworks.

In this age of technology and the internet, the online art market has registered impressive growth. This is a great way to instantly monetize and put up your artwork for sale.

Keep yourself updated

Research and reading are crucial learnings, to keep you abreast of the trends in the art world. Drawing inspiration from wherever possible is quintessential to have a perspective of your own. As an artist, being an observer, admirer, and seeker of new experiences adds an edge to your artistic outlook. It is a practice that an artist must adhere to for consistently liberating the mind and opening up to newer ideas. With the advent of digital media, you can easily update yourself today by browsing on your devices. Visiting an art gallery is always a great experience as you not only see the artworks but get to interact with creative minds around. An artist is a natural wanderer, our eyes can see what others cannot and our minds can create what others cannot imagine. It is that skill that you are born with and honing this blessing is your responsibility. It will only accelerate new possibilities in your career as a contemporary artist.

Contemporary art is embryonic, ever-evolving, and receptible. With the art world more accessible than ever before, with booming online platforms, virtual galleries, and social media, there is so much more a budding artist can do. Exploit the endless possibilities in contemporary art – Be the artist who is always open to unlearn, learn, and relearn!

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